Our Company Sa Forest Adventures deals with all of our teambuilding and events requests- Click Below if you looking for more than quad biking. ๐Ÿ™‚



We offer an Incredible special package for teambuilding, Bachelors parties, event, etc.

We have hosted large corporate groups and we are undoubtedly the company to choose as most of our activities are land based and not to weather affected and owned by us as operator.

We can easily host groups up to the size of 1500 as we have a proven track record of this. Please also note that we do have a minimum requirement on our team-building activities from 14 guests and up depending on the product you select from the above.

We cater for all your needs.

We have also secured competitive contract prices for your transport requirements โ€“ and we can supply you with a Luxury Air Conditioned Coach or a number of interesting transport methods – plane – train – bikes etc refer to our product manual above . (On availability)

We also offer an exclusive Amazing race events. (please refer to our product manual above for more details)

We also have a very good track record with our Amazing race events:

We identify check points in the town and teams have to compete from one objective to the next unlocking secrets and clues as they go along. This event includes activities such as abseiling, sea kayaking, treasure map exploration, cycling, hiking, cocktail competition, etc. we also have standby shuttles to transport participants if they donโ€™t want to all partake in all of the activities. We understand that not all individuals might be able to participate but we can cater for all with this event as not all in the group have to participate in all the events.

The sky is the limit with what we can offer as we specialize in events and team building excursions in and around the Western Cape.


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